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How your social media can influence patient satisfaction

Do you like Five (5) stars reviews? We do!

Have you ever stopped to think how many stars is your medical practice earning within your current patients?

Patient Satisfaction is one of the indicators used to measure quality at healthcare services. It has two (2) key factors: how the patient feels receiving health care from you and how much they perceive they have received during that interaction.

Patients exposed to intentional, strategic social media presence constantly will be educated patients. Also, they will develop appreciation for your office whereabouts, behind-the-scenes processes, policies, and logistics.

We believe you can influence your patient’s overall satisfaction starting from their experience at your social media. Your social media is an intangible space where patients are exposed to your style, your voice, and your willingness to educate them.

As an MD, DO, Dentist, or Chiropractor you can educate your community broadly, and not only in the classic one-to-one interaction. Once a community is developed, it is easier to reach a great patient satisfaction consistently.

We, as Social Media Managers at LubbDupp Social, are always developing strategies to bring the patient to your office and make them feel good about it before, during and after the appointment has happened.  

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